Here are the assignments your student has for October 31st-November 4th. Note about lab activities: Lab activities cannot be made up. If a student is absent the day of a lab activity, they will be excused from that assignment. It will show up on their grades as an "X." The blank means the score is not counted in their grade.

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Past Assignments

Monday, October 31st


Direct/Indirect Sunlight (heat energy) Lab - Seasons Four Times a Year.

Honors Science

Students listened to the Orson Wells War of the World broadcast.

Tuesday, November 1st


Direct/Indirect Sunlight (heat energy) Lab - How Angle Changes Intensity. Direct/Indirect Sunlight (heat energy) Lab - Exploring the Sun's Height Above the Horizon.

Honors Scienceworksheet

Reason for the Seasons Lecture.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Science/Honors Science

Watched MythBusters - Storm Chasers Special and .

Thursday, November 3rd


Seasons Lab - Why is Summer Hot?

Honors Science

Began Blue Marble Matches (pgs. 1-3).

Friday, November 4th


Seasons quiz.

Honors Science

Reviewed seasons.