Here are the assignments your student has for September 4th-8th. Note about lab activities: Lab activities cannot be made up. If a student is absent the day of a lab activity, they will be excused from that assignment. It will show up on their grades as an "X." The blank means the score is not counted in their grade.

For a more detailed description of what happens in class each day, go to my blog.

Past Assignments

Monday, September 4th

Science/Honors Science

Labor Day

Tuesday, September 5th

Science/Honors Science

Cookie Lab

Wednesday, September 6th (Substitute)

Science/Honors Science

Watched MythBusters Dog Myths.

Thursday, September 7th

Science/Honors Science

Watched The Day the Moon Was Gone and completed worksheet.

Friday, September 8th

Science/Honors Science

Students read Kids Discover Moon and completed a worksheet.