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Science Language You Should Know and Use

StarsObjective 1:  Compare the size and distance of objects within systems in the universe.
a. Use the speed of light as a measuring standard to describe the relative distances to objects in the universe (e.g., 4.4 light years to star Alpha Centauri; 0.00002 light years to the sun).
b. Compare distances between objects in the solar system.
c. Compare the size of the Solar System to the size of the Milky Way galaxy.
d. Compare the size of the Milky Way galaxy to the size of the known universe.

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StarsObjective 2:  Describe the appearance and apparent motion of groups of stars in the night sky relative to Earth and how various cultures have understood and used them.
a. Locate and identify stars that are grouped in patterns in the night sky.
b. Identify ways people have historically grouped stars in the night sky.
c. Recognize that stars in a constellation are not all the same distance from Earth.
d, Relate the seasonal change in the appearance of the night sky to Earth’s position.
e. Describe ways that familiar groups of stars may be used for navigation and calendars.

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