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Science Language You Should Know and Use

Objective 1:  Observe and describe cellular structures and functions.

  1. Use appropriate instruments to observe, describe, and compare various types of cells (e.g., onion, diatoms).
  2. Observe and distinguish the cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chloroplast, and cytoplasm of cells.
  3. Differentiate between plant and animal cells based on cell wall and cell membrane.
  4. Model the cell processes of diffusion and osmosis and relate this motion to the motion of particles.
  5. Gather information to report on how the basic functions of organisms are carried out within cells (e.g., extract energy from food, remove waste, produce their own food). – Cell Function – Cell Structure

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Skeletal SystemObjective 2:  Identify and describe the function and interdependence of various organs and tissues.

  1. Order the levels of organization from simple to complex (e.g., cell, tissue, organ, system, organism).
  2. Match a particular structure to the appropriate level (e.g., heart to organ, cactus to organism, muscle to tissue).
  3. Relate the structure of an organ to its component parts and the larger system of which it is a part.
  4. Describe how the needs of organisms at the cellular level for food, air, and waste removal are met by tissues and organs (e.g., lungs provide oxygen to cells, kidneys remove wastes from cells).

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