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Science Language You Should Know and Use

Objective 1:  Examine the effects of density and particle size on the behavior of materials in mixtures.

  1. Compare the density of various objects to the density of known earth materials.
  2. Calculate the density of earth materials (e.g., rocks, water, air).
  3. Observe and describe the sorting of earth materials in a mixture based on density and particle size (e.g., sorting grains of sand of the same size with different densities, sort materials of different particle size with equal densities).
  4. Relate the sorting of materials that can be observed in streambeds, road cuts, or beaches to the density and particle size of those materials.
  5. Design and conduct an experiment that provides data on the natural sorting of various earth materials.

Building Waterway Bottoms

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Sharp Grains and Rounded Grains

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Objective 2:  Analyze how density affects Earth's structure.

  1. Compare the densities of Earth's atmosphere, water, crust, and interior layers.
  2. Relate density to the relative positioning of Earth’s atmosphere, water, crust, and interior.
  3. Model the layering of Earth's atmosphere, water, crust, and interior due to density differences.
  4. Distinguish between models of Earth with accurate and inaccurate attributes.

3-D Structure Earth Model

A Cross-Section of the Earth

Cross-Section of the Earth

Density Variations of Earth Materials

Dynamic Earth

Earth’s Interior Structure – Earth Structure

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Inside the Earth

Layers of the Earth’s Atmosphere

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Structure of the Earth System

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