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Science Language You Should Know and Use

Tilted EarthObjective 1:  Describe the relationship between the tilt of Earth's axis and its yearly orbit around the sun.
a. Describe the yearly revolution (orbit) of Earth around the sun.
b. Explain that Earth's axis is tilted relative to its yearly orbit around the sun.
c. Investigate the relationship between the amount of heat absorbed and the angle to the light source.

e-Sky: The Electronic Sky

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Tilted Earth

When is the Earth Closest/Farthest Away from the Sun?

Earth Orbiting SunObjective 2:  Explain how the relationship between the tilt of Earth's axis and its yearly orbit around the sun produces the seasons.
a. Compare Earth’s position in relationship to the sun during each season.
b. Compare the hours of daylight and illustrate the angle that the sun's rays strikes the surface of Earth during summer, fall, winter, and spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
c. Use collected data to compare patterns relating to seasonal daylight changes.
d. Use a drawing and/or model to explain that changes in the angle at which light from the sun strikes Earth, and the length of daylight, determine seasonal differences in the amount of energy received.
e. Use a model to explain why the seasons are reversed in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

e-Sky: The Electronic Sky

Amount of Daylight Hours in Britain

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