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This WebQuest addresses the following Utah 6th Grade Science Standards:

STANDARD III:  Students will understand the relationship and attributes of objects in the solar system.

Objective 1:  Describe and compare the components of the solar system.
a. Identify the planets in the solar system by name and relative location from the sun.
b. Using references, compare the physical properties of the planets (e.g., size, solid or gaseous).
d. Describe the characteristics of comets, asteroids, and meteors.



Our Solar System

(modified from Journey Through the Universe, a NASA MESSENGER lesson plan)



If you wanted to know what’s available at a company like Sears, what would you do?  You would want to look thorough a catalog.  You can see a picture of the item, read a description, and get information you need. 


What if you wanted to know what’s in the Solar System?  You would look at a “catalog” that gave you information about the Solar System. 

Catalogs about the Solar System don’t exit.  Your first task is to make a Solar System Catalog.  Click here to get a copy of your assignment sheet(If you already have an assignment sheet, you DO NOT need to get another one!)

To make the catalog, get a copy of the template you will used by clicking here. (If you already have an assignment sheet, you DO NOT need to get another one!)

As you can see reding the assignment sheet, before you can make a catalog, you must have information.  You will need to use the Internet to get the required information. 

How will I be graded? Great question! Click here to get the grading rubric. (If you already have a rubric sheet, you DO NOT need to get another one!)


Here are some outstanding websites that will help you get the information you need to complete this assignment.

Windows to the Universe - Our Solar System
KidsZone - The Planets
The Planets -
StarChild - The Planets
The Nine Eight Planets for Kids
Asteroid Introduction
ZOOM Asteroids
Asteroids Overview
Comet Introduction
ZOOM Comets
Amazing Space - Comets
The Kuiper Belt
Windows to the Universe - The Kuiper Belt
Kuiper Belt Objects

Don't forget, you also need pictures to help you illustrate your catalog. Here are some great websites.

Welcome to the Planets
Planetary PhotoJournal
Views of the Solar System Photo Gallery
Hubble Solar System Collection


Solar SystemCongratulations!  You are now an expert about the Solar System.