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A science fair project is a challenging assignment. Students are required to select a topic, ask a question, conduct experiments, analyze results, and then put all the information together on a display board. While challenging, students will find, if they do it properly, it will be a rewarding experience for them.

You can get information about science fair projects by clicking the links below.

How-To Guide for Science Fair Projects

Discovery School Science Fair Central

Science Buddies (You can also get personalized project recommendations with their
Topic Selection Wizard - it's long, but well worth your time!)

NASA Science Fair Website

The first step is to select a topic. The Project Selection Rubric explains what a student must do to receive a Proficiency Level 4, 3, 2, & 1. Please note that the Proficiency Level a student receives for their selection represents the highest Proficiency Level a student may attain. For example, if a student selects a project at Proficiency Level 2, all the work involved in the project will be at that Proficiency Level. This is why a student cannot receive a higher Proficiency Level than their project.

The Proficiency Level is based on the difficulty level of the project (or an equivalent project) based on the project difficulty guideline found at Levels will be assigned as follows: difficulty scale (equivalent) – 7 or above:  Level 4 difficulty scale (equivalent) – 4-6:  Level 3 difficulty scale (equivalent) – 3:  Level 2 difficulty scale (equivalent) – 2 or below:  Level 1

Below is a list of projects, by subject. The projects in each section meet the requirements for a Proficiency Level 3 or 4.

LInks to Science Fair Websites

Do you need help? Need an idea? Click on a link below. You can get more information about how to do a science fair project. You can also get ideas for science fair projects.

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Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project