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This WebQuest addresses the following Utah 6th Grade Science Standards:

STANDARD III:  Students will understand the relationship and attributes of objects in the solar system.

Objective 1:  Describe and compare the components of the solar system.
a. Identify the planets in the solar system by name and relative location from the sun.
b. Using references, compare the physical properties of the planets (e.g., size, solid or gaseous).
d. Describe the characteristics of comets, asteroids, and meteors.
e. Research and report on the use of man-made satellites orbiting Earth and various planets.



What objects make up the Solar System? This is a question astronomers have studied for centuries. Today you work for NASA and will use information you gather from the Internet to identify and classify objects in the Solar System.


Your first assignment is to complete the Classifying the Planets/Dwarf Planet the worksheet. To complete the worksheet, look at the following websites...

Solar System Exploration – Our Solar System
The Planets & Dwarf Planets
Our Solar System For Kids - The Solar System
Windows on the Universe - Meteors
The Nine Eight Planets for Kids
Facts About Dwarf Planets

HubbleTask, the Sequel

Look at the pictures of the planets on the right. All of these pictures were taken by space probes. Space probes have changed what we know about our Solar System.

Radio TelescopeYour final assignment it to write a report about a space probe. Using the website below. Select a probe. Using your Planetary Probe Report Guidelines, collect the required information about your probe and then write your report. Have fun learning about a space probe.

Space Probe Information

Planetary Missions, Data, and Information

NASA Science Missions

Proud SuperheroConclusion

When you reach this point, you have completed your assignment! Congratulations! Repeat after me - "I am a planetary genius. I am so smart I amaze myself!"







North America


Asteroid Gaspara





Comet Breaking Up

Dwarf Planets

Drawing of Eris