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WalkThe other night, after you finished your homework, you go out for a walk. Out of nowhere, a strange looking alien, hovering in a spaceship appears.

He says, “Вы ~*&^ грейдер?” “WHAT?” you shout! The alien punches a few buttons, and says, “Are you a 6th Grader?” You stutter “Y-y-y-y-yes.”

“Have I got some questions for you! I know you have learned all about atoms and matter. You must have a fantastic science teacher! I want you to explain what you know about matter. That way, I can compare what I have learned to what you learned and see if we know the same thing!” You look at the alien and say and do nothing.

Stare"Don't stare at me," he shouts. "Get to work and answer my questions." Being an obedient student, you go to the Task Section and begin to work!

Your First TaskTask

  • Explain what you know about atoms and molecules.
  • Make a timeline showing how we learned about atoms (Start with “Ask Grandpa.”).
  • Identify problems with atom models.
As you do your research, complete your worksheet. (Note: If you already have a worksheet, DO NOT click on the link!)

To answer the questions on your worksheet, you will need to visit sites on the Internet. Every question can be answered by going to one of the websites listed. This doesn't mean that you will find everything at one site. You will have to explore, read, and learn about the principles of matter.

Use these websites for your research.

Atom Facts


Atom Facts


Fact Monster – Atom Facts

Molecule Facts


Problems with Atom Models

Matter - What's the Matter with the Model?

History of Atoms

Ask Grandpa

Conclusion School


As you leave school after you've finished your worksheet, you see your alien friend gliding over on its hoverboard. It glides up and you hand it your completed worksheet. It looks it over and smiles. “This is just what I learned on my planet. The principles of matter are the same on my planet and Earth. Thanks for all you work. Now, I don't have to do my homework. I'll just copy yours!” and flies off.


You become really upset. This is the last thing you wanted to do was to homework for an alien. You don't even have your worksheet to turn in. What are you going to do? You decide that your teacher won't believe you if you said, “An alien stole my homework.” You decide to use that time honored, student excuse. Your teacher just might believe that story!

Dog Eating Homework