Many websites on the Internet that have outstanding information support the Utah Standards for the 6th Grade science curriculum.  By clicking on a Standard, you will be taken to a page that has websites that will support each of Objective for that Standard.  Teacher, as well as student, will find these sites useful.

In addition to the Standards, there are Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for 6th grade science students.  The ILOs “describe skills and attitudes students should learn and demonstrate as a result of science instruction.”  To read the 6th Grade ILOs, click here.

Here are the websites:

6th Grade Sci-ber Text

STANDARD I:  Students will understand that the appearance of the moon changes in a predictable cycle as it orbits Earth and as Earth rotates on its axis.

STANDARD II:  Students will understand how Earth’s tilt on its axis changes the length of daylight and creates the seasons.

STANDARD III:  Students will understand the relationship and attributes of objects in the solar system.

STANDARD IV:  Students will understand the scale of size, distance between objects, movement, and apparent motion (due to Earth’s rotation) of objects in the universe and how cultures have understood, related to and used these objects in the night sky.

STANDARD V:  Students will understand that microorganisms range from simple to complex, are found almost everywhere, and are both helpful and harmful.

STANDARD VI:  Students will understand properties and behavior of heat, light, and sound.